Dirty Places Inside Your Boyfriend's Bachelor Pad:

Isn’t this romantic? You’re dating a guy, and he invites you over to his apartment for a home-cooked meal, complete with candlelight, and plans to watch the latest romantic comedy out on DVD. You’re a lucky girl. And this guy sounds like a winner.

But wait. Make sure you stock up on hand sanitizer and anti-bacterial wipes before you head on over to his place. Why? Because a new study has found that bachelors have a higher number of bacteria on certain surfaces in their apartments than bachelorettes do.

Topping the list of highly contaminated places? The coffee table. Seventy percent of the coffee tables tested in bachelor-occupied apartments had the type of bacteria on them found in animal feces. Guess they didn’t listen when their mothers told them not to put their shoes on the furniture.

And how about that remote control he’s going to use to queue up the movie? It's found to be the surface with the highest number of total bacteria. Just don’t let him make the old arm over the shoulder move on you. You wouldn’t want his hand to touch you.

Here are a few other places you should be wary of when you're in a bachelor’s abode:

His bedside table was also found to have a high concentration of fecal bacteria on it. Hope he stores his condoms elsewhere.

The toilet seat can be a breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria, especially if your boyfriend shares his apartment with other males, who aren't neat and lift the seat.

Doorknobs -- both coming into and going out of -- the bathroom and the apartment. These would be good places to pull out those wipes.

Underneath the bed can be like a black hole: remnants of girlfriends past, dust bunnies, and maybe even a few potato chips that got away.

Kitchen sponges have been accused of being the number one source of germs in any home because of the moisture and the crevices that enable bacteria to grow. Wonder when the last time that guy of yours replaced his.

His mouth is pretty dirty, too. But so is yours. Try not to think about it while you smooch away. Most of your shared bacteria is harmless, unless of course he's suffering from the flu or another communicable disease.

What in a bachelor pad has grossed you out before?

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