Beautiful Songs From Parent To Child

I'm told that few things are more powerful than the love of a parent toward a child. I personally don't have children but, God willing, that will change. My 'childless state', however, doesn't keep me from enjoying some of the well-written and well-performed 'dedication' songs out there. Whether you want to find a song to sing to your child, a wedding father-daughter dance or just like music, here are a few worth checking out.

One song I find particularly poignant is 'I Hope You Dance'. It's been 'covered' several times, but I believe Leann Womack did the original. It doesn't explicitly say it's directed toward a child, but it says what many parents want for their children. Even if you don't care for country music, it will still make you tear up. Here is the chorus:

I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean
Whenever one door closes, I hope one more opens
Promise me that you'll give faith a fighting chance
And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance
I hope you dance
I hope you dance

My friend's aunt danced to this with her eleven-year-old son at her wedding. Very fitting! You can hear and read the rest of it here:

Also on the 'country' tip is Bob Carlisle's 'Butterfly Kisses'. It's one of many 'crossovers' that can be heard on both country and Contemporary Christian stations. It speaks of a father's love for his daughter in various stages of her life-childhood, 'sweet sixteen' and her wedding. The first chorus goes like this:

Butterfly kisses after bedtime prayer
Stickin' little white flowers all up in her hair
“Walk beside the pony, daddy, it's my first ride”
“I know the cake looks funny, daddy, but I sure tried.”
Oh, with all that I've done wrong, I must have done something right
To deserve a hug every morning, and butterfly kisses at night.

It gets even more beautiful as the song goes on. You can read and hear the rest of it here:

Will Smith put out a version of the Bill Withers hit 'Just The Two Of Us', but took it in a totally different direction. Unlike many rappers, he can always be trusted to use clean language and non-sexual, non-violent themes in his music. Like most rap songs, it's pretty long, so I'll just give you the link to the words and music:

Billy Joel is arguably one of the best artists to come out of the twentieth century. The 'Piano Man' has come out with so many hits that it is hard to say which of his songs is the best. When his then-seven-year-old daughter asked what happens to people when they die, he composed a song called “Lullabye”. The last verse goes like this:

Someday we'll all be gone
But lullabyes go on and on
They never die
That's how you and I will be

You can read and hear the rest here:

Now you have a few songs you can sing to your child to rock him to sleep or dance to at her wedding. That is, if you can keep from crying long enough!

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