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One common complaint I hear from moms about their kids' toys is that the kids get bored with them quickly. In some cases, it's because it's a toy that doesn't 'challenge' them, but other times it's because everyone and their brother has it. That was a big thing for me and my sister when we were kids-we just liked to be different. Judging from what I've seen from my friends' kids, that didn't stop with us! If you like toys that stimulate your child's senses but that no one else has, is one of my favorite places to go. They have toys for pretty much any age and stage of childhood, as well as plenty for adults.

First, for infants-
 Winkel Teether and Grasp Toy -This toy is so cool looking that I want to play with it! The thin, soft plastic loops are perfect for babies who are just developing motor skills because they are easy to grasp and are attached in the middle to a small plastic rattler. If your little one is teething, put it in the freezer for a minute or two and it becomes a soothing teething ring.

For toddlers-
Benders Utensils -This one isn't technically a toy, but your toddler won't mind the difference. These utensils are adjustable and bendable to meet your baby's particular level of dexterity so they won't lose grip or come at it from the wrong angle. This way, your baby can learn to use utensils in a way that's a bit less messy. Plus, they're kind of cool-looking!

Ages 3 and up-
Foam Brick Blocks -Anyone who's ever stepped on a Lego can appreciate these foam-based construction sets! Not only are these soft enough to where having them thrown at you stepping on them won't be a problem, they are made of water-friendly foam. That way, your little ones can play with them in the bath. They're pretty big, so small hands shouldn't have trouble grasping them. They come in a carrying case for travel, so they would make good 'car toys' too.

Ages 8 and up-
Flitter Fairies I just wish we had toys like this when we were growing up! Little girls will love these marionette-like fairies that glitter and flitter around them. They come with very thin but strong threads called 'pixie silk' that are hung from a small clip or wand and batteries that make them flap their wings like a 'real fairy' would. To see a video of how they are used, check out the link above.

For the boys, there's the Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt. Like it's name suggests, it has a picture of a guitar on it that allows you to use a magnetic pick to strum it the way you would a 'real' guitar. It has buttons that correspond to the different chords and a small amp that clips on to your belt. While the sounds you hear are recordings from a real guitar, you can play whichever song you want without having to follow some 'canned' song you'd find on other toy guitars. Don't worry, all this electronic stuff can be taken apart so the shirt can be washed with no problems.

If you want to see more toys (for kids and adults) with an intelligent theme, visit Have fun!

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