Word games for kids

I don't know about you, but I loved word games as a child. They're a great way to expand your vocabulary and have fun at the same time.

Here's a simple puzzle that can teach spelling and pronunciation by sounding out words. Using the syllables above, piece together the words that match with the clues on the left. The number of dashes next to a clue corresponds with the number of syllables in the word.


a a av ag bis ca cap chup ci cuits do el gna i ket ko la la mis no o pa pit puc sa shi span su tir u

Italian dessert made with lady fingers and coffee                              ___ ___ ___ ___
Japanese food made with raw fish and rice                                        ___ ___          
Drink made with espresso and steamed milk                                     ___ ___ ___ ___
Greek pastry made with spinach, onions and cheese                         ___ ___ ___ ___ ___                     
Spanish dish sometimes made with shrimp, sausage and rice           ___ ___ ___
Main ingredient in guacamole                                                           ___ ___ ___ ___
Garfield's favorite food                                                                      ___ ___ ___
Main ingredient in cocktail sauce                                                      ___ ___
What cookies are called in England                                                   ___ ___                     

Answers: tiramisu, sushi, cappuccino, spanakopita, paella, avocado, lasagna, ketchup, biscuits

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