Best New Romance Novelist

Up-comers in the World of Romance Novels
According to renowned critics and other reports, the best new romance novelist is found within the bestselling romance novels list of 2009. Nora Roberts is still taking the world of romance by the reins and showing us what romance is all about with “Bed of Roses” and “Black Hills”. Additionally, Charlaine Harris is still successfully showing her audiences that romance can be dark and sweet at the same time with her 2009 novel “Dead and Gone” among many others, known to most as the “True Blood” television series. There are plenty of other new romance authors such as Meredith Duran, who topped the list of the most popular new romance novels of last year.

New Romance Writers Who Are Taking Us By Storm

Apparently, due to a high volume of sales and a steadily growing fan-base, Meredith Duran was voted the most popular best new romance novelist in the year 2009 collectively. Her popularity grew quickly with the release of her renowned “Bound by Your Touch” romance novel that took over the charts by a landslide. Keep in mind, opinions will always very about who the best new romance novelist is but according to sales and popular opinion, Meredith Duran takes the cake. Also, if you haven’t read her work yet, you might want to think about starting soon. Since the year 2008, she has already released 4 books: “Wicked Becomes You” in 2010, “Bound by Your Touch”, “Written on Your Skin” in 2009 and “The Duke of Shadows” in 2008.

Charlaine Harris is better known as the one who wrote the books that spawned the ever popular True Blood television series. Although she has written many books in her writing career, she has seen an instant increase in popularity due to the television series created from her Sookie Stackhouse dark romance series. Sookie Stackhouse in the main character in the television series and the southern vampire inspired romance novels, both of which have a large and growing fan base. Some would even argue that due to her new rise in popularity with this series, she could very well make a great recipient of the best new romance novelist award, had she been new to writing recently.

The rest of the top romance books of recent times were noticeably focused on dark romance by way of immortal beings like vampires, werewolves and even fairies. Sherrilyn Kenyon is a somewhat part of the new romance authors with recent years and she published “Bad Moon Rising,” which is her 19th novel in a series called Dark Hunter. Her novel explores the romantic and unique happenings that occur between Aimee and Fang who are a werebear and werewolf couple living in an immortal’s world.

Other authors who were once no challenge to the title of the best new romance novelist included the long standing successful romance authors, Nora Roberts and Lisa Kleypas. Both authors have written a variety of romance novels that have topped the best selling lists for many weeks at a time giving their romance novels a great standing in the world of writing.


  1. I for one haven't read anything written by these authors; however, I have seen a few episodes of True Blood. Boy are they risk--ey. Call me old fashioned, but they made me blush and a little uncomfortable at certain scenes.

  2. I haven't read any of them either, but they seem interesting.

  3. I have read the books that inspired the tv series true blood. Wendy it doesn't seem surprising to me that the episodes were so provocative, because the books go into major explicit detail (too much sometimes); maybe more so than the tv series, but I'm not sure because I have not had the chance to watch any episodes yet.

  4. Yeah the series True Blood is pretty sic and intriguing. I do watch it, but definitely is for 18 and older I would say.