How To Stay Connected

All Moms seem to be on the go lately, and if you are like most families, you have to stay connected to get a hold of your kids and your spouse!  There is nothing more frustrating than when you need to go somewhere in a hurry, perhaps to pick up your little ones and your phone is dying.  You instantly become upset as you now have to charge it in the car and for those without car chargers, then forget it!  Well, not any longer as there are two new devices that can help you stay charged up and never have that problem again.  The first, is a pad that allows you the user to place a few devices on it at once to charge.  The second reviewed is an adapter that can be used on more than one type of cell phone just by switching the adapter device.  They are both reasonably priced, both coming in at around forty dollars.

The WildCharge Pad measures a thin 8 X 6 inches in size and capable of delivering up to 15 watts of power– plenty of power to simultaneously charge multiple devices such as cell phones or portable music players. A single WildCharge Pad placed on the desk or kitchen counter can possibly charge your whole family’s cell phones overnight!

Compatible with over 1000 Devices! For use with assortment of WildCharge-enabled mobile electronics including MP3 players, phones, cameras, eReaders, gaming devices and many more!

There are endless benefits to this power saving device such as the ability to charge several devices at the same time.  It can also eliminate the need for those unsightly wires that are always having down when you have to charge your devices, as it is wire free.  It’s best asset is that is it is always charged up and ready to use.

The wire-free power revolution is finally here, and WildCharge is leading the charge!

Sleek and streamlined, the WildCharge RAZR V3 adapter looks very much like the phone’s original back-cover with a small semi-flexible charging arm attached to it. Use with a WildCharge  Pad (model PA-0250-B).

Enabling the RAZR V3 phone requires two steps:

Remove the phone’s back-cover and replace with the WildCharge RAZR V3 adapter. Connect the charging arm to the phone’s power port. That’s all you need to do. Now place the enabled phone on the WildCharge Pad and enjoy instantaneous, uninterrupted wire-free charging. Oh, and the tiny magnets in the adapter hold the phone firmly in place…even if the WildCharge Pad is hanging on the wall! And when you need to connect a regular cable to the phone – simply disconnect the arm’s connector and gently push it aside.

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