Music Or White Noise-Which Is Best?

Music or White Noise-Which Soothes Your Baby the Most?

The billion of brain cells in babies make connections faster while listening to music, leading towards better physical and mental growth. With an increasing trend towards indoor entertainment for kids, parents are moving towards buying more and more CD’s and DVD’s. But it’s pretty difficult to decide buying which CD for which age group kids because all CD’s are not meant for all kinds and age of kids. CD’s watching has become an alternative for outdoor entertainment. In music category, some kids are attracted towards loud and noisy music as it complements their noise making ability while others go for softer one and appreciate good music.

Music for Babies

The phrase music, a new tradition in town for kids gets further justification by the fact that many cartoon movies today even have proper sound tracks. Cartoons such as Shrek, Cinderella, Madagascar all known cartoon series have full musical composition and songs. Thus many kids just watch cartoons because of the rhythm (as they don’t fully understand dialogues). Also music for babies is common in various schools. Then rhymes are taught in a musical ways during kindergarten courses. It is normally observed that teaching and learning anything to kids through music is easy as compared to other most frequent tools. Then there is music from Disney movies, which is appropriate for babies. Apart from books tacks, there are CD’s shelf and different kind of musical CD’s fill that shelf. Parents being guardians should scrutinize all factors when buying music for babies.

There is various ways towards Music for babies. It is normal observation that whenever adult play music, babies moves along with the rhythm. Some sing along with children, because this way they can better understand and pick words and this practice will help in quick learning. Kids have ability to remember and recall any tune, once they listen to. So, they should be encouraged to participate actively in various musical classes being taught in schools today.

There are various advantages of different types of music. If talk about hard and beat music for babies, research has shown that it makes child more lively, active and enthusiastic towards life. They remain energetic in conducting everyday life functions. Such music for babies makes them strong. Apart from this musical story enhances immunity against diseases in children. Soft or fast, all type of music surrounded ambiance results in better growth for babies. They develop less stress in their lives. And rhymes are considered the best healers for children. Not only brain cells get maximum benefit out of it, it also triggers physical movement. Thus if any child has been ill for some considerable period of time, exposing such babies to rhymes can be beneficial.
Music and stories have has many positive impacts on the lives, personality and growth of babies. But today’s music is the most talked topic. Though all music for babies may not have good influence, thus parents role play an important role in the selection of music for babies.


  1. I didn't know music would make such a difference. Thanks.

  2. Interesting! One thingn we would do is get one of those 'nature sounds' CDs for them to listen to when we wanted the kids to be calm but they wanted to move...naptimes, etc. Going to sleep to the sound of the ocean can be very soothing.

  3. I definitely don't know how white noise would be soothing to anyone, but hey, I'm sure it has worked on some babies. I personally would never try it, but music (classical especially) I think is very soothing and it worked well on my kids as babies.