Poems About Love and Marriage

Poetry for the Romantics 
From Shakespeare to Labaty one thing that remains the same is the feeling of love and romance. It doesn’t matter if it was love that happened hundreds of years ago or love that is falling right now, falling in love is timeless.  The intense yearning and feelings of love bring on such strong emotion that it is actually a physical and chemical reaction as well as and emotional connection.  I have always had a special affinity for poems about love and marriage.  In this article we will explore poetry for the romantics and in these poems you will read how the physical and what we now know to be chemical actually does occur when love strikes.

Poets on Love and Marriage

As long as there has been love there have been poets to write about it.  There have been very famous poets such as Shakespeare with his most well known poem, “Shall I Compare Thee” and “ Sonnet 44.”  We can’t forget the famous Edgar Allen Poe who gave us “A Dream Within A Dream” and “Annabelle Lee.”  Even though Poe was more known for his darker writings he surely proved that he did have a romantic side with those two love poems.  Walt Whitman penned “To A Stranger” and Robert Frost created “Wind and a Window Flower.”  I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the feminine poetry of Emily Dickinson with “Heart We Will Never Forget Him” and Elizabeth Barrett Browning with the most popular, “How Do I Love Thee.”   I simply cannot end this paragraph about poets on love and marriage without mentioning Robert Browning who gave us, “Life In A Love” and Stephen Foster’s lyrical, “Beautiful Dreamer.”

Poems to Read or Send to Your Beloved

There are a few poems I would actually recommend you reading and poems that you would send to your beloved.  If I were to receive a love poem I know that I would really like to get “Longing” by Matthew Arnold.  Another modern poem I really like is “My Choice Is” by Randy Duncan.  I would tell everyone I know to check out any and all of Frank Labaty’s work.  He has a poem called “Morning Love” that is wonderful.  There is a poem written for a bride or groom to use as vows or give as a gift on their wedding day by Paige Turner and the name of that poem is “On This Day”, and you can read it at http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/5533572/on_this_day_.html?cat=23

Poetry Stands the Test of Time 

We all might have different tastes in poetry but one thing we can all agree on is that we have seen Poetry stand the test of time. Poetry and love poems are as timeless as love itself and as long as there are lips to be kissed, hands to be held and hearts to be loved, there will be poetry, love poems and love songs.  What are songs but poems with melodies to enhance and amplify the feelings being conveyed in the poem?   I think we all can agree that as long as the earth turns, the sun shines and the moonbeams there will be poets and songwriters to present to us the creations from their souls.   History has proven to us that love poems along with poems about marriage and general poetry has stood the test of time.


  1. Thanks for sharing. I really enjoy reading your blog

  2. I used to read poetry when I was younger but hadn't even thought about revisiting it until after I read this. Poems that you would send to your beloved is inspiring....hmmm my anniversary is coming up, I think its my turn to be romantic :)

  3. What's even better is if you write one yourself, even if it's bad he will appreciate the effort.

  4. My high school English teacher would be proud to see me reading poetry!:)

  5. My husband was a poet. He died four years ago, and how he romanced me is one of the things I miss most. He was always leaving me little poems hidden in places around the apartment.