All Moms Should Have An iConvert Scanner

It's after the holiday and you were blessed enough to receive some gift cards all for yourself! Now, women in general-particularly nothers-tend to have this "syndrome" I refer to often. It's called "I buy with emotion syndrome". All kidding aside, this is very true-we mommies get a dollar in our hands to shop with and what do we do with it? We buy something for our kids, like clockwork without fail, every single time. Well, this year you should try to celebrate your selflessness you have been giving out all the years past and get something for yourself with those gift cards. I believe I have stumbled upon a cool little gadget all moms would want to own, the iConvert Instant Slide & Negative Scanner.

Before you go off on a tangent saying you are not very computer savvy and won’t know how to operate it, let me tell you it does the work for you, it is essentially mindless! You’re the mom of the house, generally speaking this means you have most likely 100 photos in your memory that you absolutely adore of your children, your parents, you and your spouse together what do you do with all of them? You can print them, but that may cost you a small fortune by the time you get frames and hang them all in your house. You could leave them on memory cards until you have the time to download them all on to your laptop? You get the point, it becomes a vicious circle of not having enough time to do anything with them. Getting yourself one of these new scanners can make a world of difference in your family’s memories. This product does not even require a computer, can you believe that? Yep, you can preserve all your memories via slides and even old negatives you have stored away in the attic. All you have to do is insert the slide or negatives ad push the “ok” button and you’re done, you now are the proud owner of your own digital photos! The machine has the ability to automatically convert them, it will already know if you have put in a slide or a negative to begin working. It then saves your prints to any SD card, you have to provide this but all of your photos will be a 180dpi resolution as well.

 Every mom should look into getting one of these. When you calculate the cost of printing all those adorable baby pictures of your little ones, you know how much it would cost to complete that project. Some slides people even take to a professional to have them do all of the work and that can cost even more. Save time and money and check one out soon, they also make great gifts for that grandmother or aunt in the family that has a wide collection of family pictures archived!


  1. This does seem like a really cool gadget!! With the "i" in front of it (especially if it just came out) I'm wondering how much it costs.

  2. Michele, the price isn't all that bad. I "googled" and found them for as cheap as $50 on