De-coding Text And Internet Acronyms

When your kids are online, do you know what they are saying? I know you probably don't want to seem like you're 'hovering' and reading over your kids' shoulders, but things like 'sexting' (sexually suggestive texts and pictures sent on cell phones) and sexual predators have made it necessary to monitor your kids' internet activity to ensure that they aren't getting in over their heads. The fact that kids today write and text in acronyms half the time makes this particularly difficult. Even if you don't have kids, you might see these acronyms on your *own* forums or chat rooms. While this is by no means an exhaustive list, here are some of the more common chat and text abbreviations. Some are from our generation (aka the Stone Age), but many are new.

LOL-Laughing Out Loud
2MI-Too Much Information (also TMI)
LMAO-Laughing My A** Off
AFAIK-As Far As I Know
AFAIC-As Far As I'm Concerned
IIRC-If I Recall Correctly
IMHO-In My Humble Opinion
P911-Parent Alert (or Parent Alert, Change Subject)
IDK-I Don't Know
PAW-Parents Are Watching
FWIW-For What It's Worth
BTW-By The Way
XOXO-Kisses and hugs
G-Grin or Giggle
AFK-Away From Keyboard
MYOB-Mind Your Own Business
CM-Call Me
BRB-Be Right Back
TTYL-Talk To You Later
GG-Giggle or Good Game
G2G-Got To Go
J/K-Just Kidding
NP-No Problem (or Nosy Parents)
4eva-Forever (also 4ever)
ROTFL-Rolling On The Floor Laughing
ROTFLMAO-Rolling On The Floor Laughing My A** Off
OMG-Oh My God
IRL-In Real Life
A/S/L-Age, Sex Location (also spelled 'ASL')
AITR-Adult In The Room
<3-a heart
AISI-As I See It
IC-I See (also OIC for Oh, I See)
PLS-Please (also PLZ)
BFF-Best Friends Forever
POS-Parent Over Shoulder
CD9-Code 9 (parents are around)
NVM-Never Mind
YW-You're Welcome
BF-Boyfriend or Best Friend
BBL-Be Back Later

 Like I said, this isn't an exhaustive list, just some of the more common abbreviations I've seen. The PG-13 ones, anyway. There are variations on these (for instance, ROFL-Rolling On Floor Laughing) from 'the' being removed, but they're fairly common. A lot of the variations involve the 'F' or 'S' words, but I'm not going to write those. I'm sure you can figure them out! You can view more at This is a longer list that includes some more, um, explicit language than I am comfortable posting here. They may think you're invading their privacy, but knowing what your kids are saying online or in text can go a long way in ensuring their safety. Good Luck!

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