More Kid-Friendly Facebook Games

Some months ago, I posted an article about Facebook games that are good for kids. While I haven't grown disenchanted with It Girl or SuperPoke Pets, sometimes a kid gets tired of a game and wants something new to play. If that's the case, why not direct them to a game on Facebook that is fun for kids and teaches them new skills? If you're wondering exactly which among the hundreds of games you can access on Facebook are actually *good* for kids, here are a few I've found. Who knows, maybe you'll get 'sucked in' too!

If you ever played 'Lemonade Stand' or 'Roller Coaster Tycoon', you'll like Restaurant City. Like the name says, you are basically in charge of running a restaurant. A big part of this game is managing money-inventory, hiring help, etc.-but there's also a 'sharing' element where you work with other people playing the game to help each other's restaurants succeed. You also have to make sure customers are happy and that you have enough of each ingredient to make the things that make money. It's a 'long-term' game that lets players work toward their goals and start new ones.

Another game that is great for kids is Hidden Chronicles. It's a 'hidden object' game in a 'detective mission' format. The premise is that you're helping solve a mystery for your rich uncle by going through a series of 'quests' involving finding hidden objects in different scenes. Most of them are of the 'find the objects listed below' type, but there are also a few 'pick out the differences in these two pictures' and 'put together a puzzle' games that can help with coordination, memory and attention span. It's also a lot of fun to decorate your 'estate'. I think at the present time I have three ponds, four restaurants, a garden maze, several types of flowers, bushes in the shape of teapots...definitely much more interesting than any 'real life' house I've ever had! Your kids are learning skills while having fun, which is always a good thing.

Speaking of skills and fun, another good game (or set of games) is Mind Games. You're going to have to solve different kinds of puzzles-matching, Sudoku, Tetris, etc-to build up points toward 'prizes' and new levels. The object is to get all of the 'prizes' and solve enough puzzles to get to 'graduation', where you get to unlock a new type of puzzle and go back to the beginning. Your kids will learn to use logic, concentration and spatial skills in ways that are much more fun that those boring worksheets they get at school! Plus, the graphics are pretty nice.

These are only a few of the many games on Facebook that are not only safe for your kids, but can teach them new skills too. You won't mind them spending so much time on the internet if you can see that they are learning while doing it! You might have to fight them for the computer, though, because you'll become addicted as well. Have fun!

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