Cheap Redecorating Ideas For Your Kids' Room

Redecorating your home can be an expensive task and it is not always easy to know where your money would be best spent. When my son wanted to change his nautical room (my choice) to dinosaurs (his choice) I did it all for less than $100. I kept his bedspread (typically the biggest cost), which was a denim quilt that I had made. I then shopped online for a dinosaur wall border. You could add the border to one wall for interest or all the walls. I also found some dinosaur pictures online and bought some matching frames on sale. I then made curtains and a bed-skirt out of dinosaur material. Voila his room was now dinosaurs.

Here are some great ideas for redecorating homes that can make a big difference in how your home looks without breaking your budget.

1. Add a wallpaper mural to a room. Adding wall mural can accent a room or add a needed focal point with little effort and expense. You can purchase wall murals at stores like Home Depot or Lowe’s.

2. Repaint. Paint really is the least expensive idea for redecorating homes way to make a dramatic change in a room. A new gallon of paint costs about $20. Many stores also sell paint in cans that didn’t turn out the right color or were never picked up for as little as $3 a gallon. Whenever I am tired of a room I repaint. Then I feel like it is a whole different room.

3. A bathroom can be completely made over by changing your bath mats, towels, and shower curtain. If you want to stretch it a little further change fixtures like the faucet, shower rod, towel rods, and showerhead. Going from one long towel rod to two shorter rods can fill up the space and make a big difference.

4. If you don’t like the outside of your home try adding some new bushes, trees, or flowers. Putting in some paving stones or brick border around your flowerbed or along your driveway can add a lot as well.

5. Adding new pillow shams or a bed skirt can make a big difference while redecorating your home. Or try shopping around and buy a new quilt. Since the bed is usually the focal point of a bedroom focus your changes there.

6. Curtains can dress up or dress down a room. They can add to a theme or just create a splash of color on an otherwise dull wall. You can find a variety of curtains for less than $100 or try making some of your own.

7. Add a wallpaper border. There are two types of borders those that are pasted on and more difficult to remove and those that are easily removed. I prefer those that are easily removed because if I move or decide to make a change it is a simple process. I had a removable wallpaper border in my nursery that I used in three different homes. Try placing the border about three to four feet from the floor for a change.

8. Add or change the pillows on your couch. Adding pillows or a throw to your couch will add some color and variety to the room without much cost.

9. Decorate your wall. Search around and find a mirror, picture, or flower arrangement to fill in the empty space on your wall.

10. Fill it up with green. Plants both real and silk can really add to a room without costing much. Try visiting your local craft store when they are having a sale. Buy baskets at a dollar store for a fraction of the cost.

Who said redecorating homes had to be expensive?

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