Fun Ideas For Grandparents' Day

In 1979, Congress passed a law to officially designate the Sunday after Labor Day as 'Grandparents' Day.' It might not be as well-known as Mother's or Father's day, but it can still be fun to surprise your parents with something special. Here are some fun things your kids can do for their grandparents on Grandparents' Day.

-Have the kids make a huge greeting card. If the grandparents like cookies, make an 'edible card' with 'Happy Grandparents' Day!' written in icing. M&MS and chocolate chips work well too.
-Do the chores around the house that normally fall to Grandma and Grandpa. If the chores are too strenuous (such as pool cleaning) or require expertise you don't have, pay someone to do it for a day.
-For long-distance, tech-saavy grandparents, record the kids singing a song and send it via email. Singing to them on Skype or FaceTime works too.
-On the 'technology' tip, make a slideshow of family photos and send it to them.
-If they are able, go to a 'u-pick' farm where you can pick your on strawberries, peaches, etc. If you live near the mountains, go to a 'rock-panning' site where people can pan for stones and gems. I still have some pretty pieces of quartz I got when I went.
-Have your kids help in the garden or wood shop.
-If they are able, go on a bike ride or do some other outdoor activity.
-Take them out to dinner at a place they don't normally get to go to. Better yet, make dinner for them. Making a childhood favorite of theirs might be especially fun.
-Ask them for a story from their childhood or something else in their life. For instance, ask about what they did and/or wore for their wedding, what they wanted to do as a career when they were young, where they were when a particular event took place, etc. I say this because some elderly people feel neglected or like they're too 'behind the times' and like the opportunity for 'connection'. Plus, if the grandparents were around during certain eras in history (i.e. Vietnam, segregation, different 'movements', etc), they might have some really interesting stories. My dad is a Vietnam-era veteran and takes any opportunity he can to tell stories about it! If they have pictures of the houses they lived in, wedding photos, baby pictures of you and your siblings, etc, ask to see them. Yes, it might be embarrassing to have your kids to see you as a two-year-old in the bathtub, but you can always do the same thing to them when their friends come over. After all, turnabout is fair play!
-Go to places such as zoos, aquariums, parks or museums you don't normally get to go to.
-Have your kids make a scrapbook with pictures of all of you together, drawings, etc.
-Have the kids put a family picture in a frame they decorated themselves. You can usually get plain picture frames from the dollar store.

Have fun!

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