Good Summer Jobs For Teens

School's about to be out, which means your kids are going to have more time on their hands. After all, those hours they would normally spend in school each day are going to have to be filled with some other worthwhile pursuit. One thing a lot of us choose to do during those times is find a summer job. If nothing else, a summer job can be a good way for your child to earn extra money. It also can teach them responsibility and keep them out of trouble. But what are some good summer jobs for teens? Each state has its own rules about what kind of jobs a teenager can hold and what sorts of hours they can work, but here are some basic places your teen can start looking for a job.

Foodservice. Most types of restaurants will have some sort of job a teenager can do. My first high-school job was at a local seafood restaurant, and a good portion of other part-time employees were also high-schoolers. Jobs such as cleaning tables and waitstaff can be good ways for a teenager to earn extra money as well as learning how to handle responsibility and authority on a job. Plus, it's a good workout; if you've ever waited tables and had to run around like a crazy person during dinner rush, you know exactly what I mean! It's often easier for a teenager to find a job in foodservice during the summer than it is during the school year because most states allow teens to work more and later hours during the summer. In addition to your 'usual' restaurant, fast food and speciality shops such as ice cream parlors are a good place for your teenager to look for a job.

Retail. If restaurant work isn't for your teen, perhaps they can look for a part-time job in a local retail establishment. While each state has different rules as to what kind of work a teenager can do and what sorts of equipment they can work with, most grocery and discount stores should have something available. Bagging groceries, deli departments, checkout and stocking jobs are common. In fact, sometimes these jobs can open a door for a higher-paying job after they graduate; I've worked with several managers and assistant managers who worked their way up from the bottom-level summer job. It's a good way to gain experience as well as make extra money.

Outdoor jobs. Growing up in a coastal community, I knew quite a few young people who were lifeguards, swim instructors or camp counselors. While these jobs might go to older teens more often because of the specialized training involved, they are great for people who like to get outside and work with kids. Also, some gardeners, pool cleaning services and car washes employ teenagers during the summer. Not only can they spend time outdoors and earn extra money, working for a service like this might also give your teenager an inside look at how a local small business runs. Who knows, maybe they will decide to run their own business some day with the things they learn.

As you can see, there are several different types of jobs your teenager could do during the summer outside of the home. They are good ways to teach responsibility, respect for authority and learn new skills. If nothing else, they can earn enough extra money to where they don't have to ask you for it every time they want to go out! Overall, summer jobs can be a good experience.

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